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In the relatively suburban area of Pattanakarn - Bangkok Thailand, amids the plethora of street food and cheap eats stood a new restaurant called Chef's Table. Located on the 2nd floor of the Oasis Building it's sophisticated interior stands out so we popped over one day for dinner just to see h... read more
Being Thai, i have never really felt an affection to “Touristy” Thai food. See the thing is, i never felt like i needed to pay astronomical amounts of money for a dish that i can pick up on the street for i dunno a few bucks and cooked by a nice old granny but ok.. My mother was watching tv and ... read more
Hanging out with a large group of friends poses a huge problems you will always hear the following: ''I want to watch football, i want to play pool, i want to listen to live music, i want to listen to live band, is the food any good and cheap?'' Seriously, its tough until we found a gem of a pla... read more
Looking into the soi next to Bourbon St Building on Ekamai on the left you will notice a small Chinese restaurant. The Lunlaa team has a friend who is a fan of this restaurant from Promphong so we tried the one close to our headquarters. The menu has pictures so you're safe... It really is a no ... read more
For all the hype with Lunlaa's younger staff with the notion of Japanese food buffet, we braved the friday traffic to all arrive at Taidama MBK branch. (The only one to offer a buffet) There were 2 choices available 299 ++ or add 99 ++ to get the salmon sushi & other more pricey options (You ge... read more
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